An address defines a location with manmade landmarks like Country, State, City, Area, Street, Buildings, etc. and it is common to loose way even with maps.

Geoadrs defines a location with geo-coordinates, a much accurate method. All it needs is a GPS and Internet enabled Smartphone to navigate.

An address could contain long strings difficult to remember.

A Geoadrs is a web link with short, easy to remember user defined ID; easy to share via text message, email, whatsapp, etc.

A click on the Geoadrs brings up the map with the exact location; another click starts the navigation.

Presence of QR Code, with embedded Geoadrs on stationery, visiting cards, invitation cards, brochures, web, etc. further simplifies the process. Scan the QR Code with your Smartphone and be on your way.

Now, any destination is just a few clicks away!

No more data entry, no more map searches!

No more wrong turns, no more dead ends.

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